Come To Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka
Come to Sri lanka, They’ve got cattle roaming the street
of downtown Colombo where the mood, i’m sure is upbeat
Sri Lanka, the home of fine cuisine
And Leopards drinking out of waterholes
Sri Lanka could be one of the best places you’ve seen
The people i’m sure have beautiful souls
Come to Sri Lanka
and spend your Dollar
Your Pound Sterling, Yen or Euro
You’ll have a great time, you know

Come to Sri Lanka
You won’t regret it
Come to Sri Lanka
Stress and woes, forget it
Just relax and enjoy
Sri Lanka, oh! Boy!
I can’t wait to go
Come to Sri Lanka,’specially if you’re a cricket fan
But if you’re not.On their sandy beaches you’ll get a nice tan
Come to Sri Lanka and stop
Off at a souvenir shop…Go home with an elephant
Or go to a bird sanctuary
Come to Sri Lanka and feel free
Come to Sri Lanka to escape the tedium
of the Eastend. take in an Art museum
or two
Savour the view
Come to Sri Lanka…I can’t wait
A Boat to Sri Lanka…fix a date
Going to Sri Lanka…Scene of 3 Duran Duran videos
Going to Sri Lanka.Where the adventure takes you, no one knows
Going to Sri Lanka
Going to Sri Lanka…


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