Andrew Hartnett


Andrew Hartnett
You are a git
A nurse with all the compassion of a snake!
You act like a somebody, you’re a loser, a fake
I’d shoot you with a Kalishnikov, but they’d lock me up for life
I’d rather expose you on the web.For you caused me much strife
You belong in Pritchard’s road day centre.Bethnal Green
You’re by far the ugliest creature i’ve ever seen
A fool with b.o from Belfast
You had me sectioned …You Bast…ard!
And evicted from a Spitalfields flat, too
I ended up in horrible Park Lodge over you
Andrew Hartnett, loyal to Cromwell. Thatcher and the Queen
C.I.D too, you are f****** obscene
Evil Andrew Hartnett
When you kick the bucket
I will celebrate with a cider or 2
Then dance on your grave…I hate you!

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