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1789 revolt
Just another date in time
History defines a cause
With unfair rulers come unfair laws
Butcher the Royal rabble!
For they were nothing but trouble
Guillotine the lot of ’em
After storming the Bastille Prison
The poor believed they were being treated with contempt
I guess they thought the Royals were an easy target
Personally, i like the peasants best, when they’re revolting!
Cooking the Royal scum’s goose
The proletariat Inflamed and rebelling
They’re feelings running loose
Now 1789 is just a question in a quiz show
Or a reason to head for the west end, you know
For it happened such a long time ago
A chapter in an Encyclopedia, so
I’d rather die standing than live on my knees+
+ famous quote

Andrew Hartnett


Andrew Hartnett
You are a git
A nurse with all the compassion of a snake!
You act like a somebody, you’re a loser, a fake

You belong in Pritchard’s road day centre.Bethnal Green
You’re by far the ugliest creature i’ve ever seen

I ended up in horrible Park Lodge over you
Andrew Hartnett,loyal to the government and the Queen
The police too, you are f****** obscene
Evil Andrew Hartnett
When you kick the bucket
I will celebrate with a cider or 2
Then dance on your grave…I hate you!

Airport Insecurity


dog poem
The kleptomaniacs who work in airport security
You all but bankrupt yourself buying booze in Duty free
Tax free shopping is a f****** con
Then they confiscate it off you…what’s going on?
Those airport security staff are paranoid
Fortunately they are possible to avoid+
They have the capacity to act
On innocent passengers who can’t relax
Social inadequates who act without reason
Watch ’em seize your contact lens solution
And accuse you of being a terrorist
Bullying gives ’em a purpose to exist

The incompetence and nastiness of Airport staff makes me implode
If you sued them for millions you wouldn’t win…so i wrote this ode
Exposing the lot of ’em….cause they are f****** scum!

Airport insecurity

Airport insecurity…..

More Jokes


jokes part 2
Conservative with the truth!
Tory Bullshit!
Woolly Liberals…
Baaaaad PoliticS!
My brother fought in Nam
Tott’ Nam!
I’d love a job in advertising
Not for the money! No for the L.S.D
I don’t like people who take drugs! i.e Customs officers!
The legalize Cannabis march…..
Started off as a march finished as a crawl!
Some Bloke on Death Row, about to be fried, said to the warden “Can You Hold My Hand?”
I’m on a roll…like a clown on cocaine!
That would liven up the circus , if the clown tripped over his size 30 feet and fell head first down the lion’s throat! tata fer now!

The Watford Gap


watford gap
The Gap between the Watford Lass’s teeth
Knocked out By her boyfriend Keith!
The night before
Pissed and missed
Aiming for her jaw!
Now he’s doing time!
For his heinous crime….
Watch Watford lose at Vicarage Road
2-0 to Luton tempers explode!
“The Hornets”,who share their ground with”Wasps”
And you will get stung in Watford for a curry!
A Pizza too.Won’t be going back there in a hurry
Unless i win the lottery…Straight to Tolpits Lane
A millionaire, “Singing In The Rain”
Then A purple line train to Baker street (The End)