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Carrie Fisher


princess leia and jabba
The beautiful Carrie fisher
You excelled as Princess Leia
Scantily clad in “Return Of THe Jedi”, chained to Jabba The Hutt
But after the starwars movies, work dried up…your career in a rut
As Princess Leia you took on and beat the bad guys
Positively oozing sex appeal, she had such nice thighs
Carrie Fisher
You are a survivor
A well publicised drug addiction
And a costly divorce to Paul Simon
Now you no longer
Drive men wild with desire
But Carrie Fisher you are still a star to those legions of “Starwars” fans worldwide
Cause Carrie Fisher, ‘though looks may fade, real star quality comes from inside


Athletic Bilbao


afc bilbao
Athletic Bilbao: season after season
Only signed players from the basque region
With this policy they achieved a level of success
Should more clubs follow their example…An emphatic yes!

Withering Heights


kate b
What a powerful set of lungs Kate Bush has got
I saw her in the “Babooshka” video and thought she was hot
Kate Bush: Dave Gilmour plucked you from obscurity
Before we knew it you were setting pulses racing on t.v
Kate Bush, in the 80’s you shone
Now your time in the limelight has gone
English rose and well crafted songs: a fine blend
But everything in life has to come to an end
So farewell then Kate
For you’ve passed your sell by date!

When The Dilusional Become The Institutional


SEnt to the asylum again
Oh! well, try hard to mask your pain
Scoffing the pigswill they call hospital food
And wondering why the psychiatrist is so rude
And some of those psycho wards aren’t even clean
That nurse has the worse case of bully persona i’ve ever seen
“I’m here for treatment
not punishment!”
The boredom
of the asylum
Still another 4 hours to go til visiting time
Being sensitive, in a broken world, your only crime
When the dilusional
become the institutional



I was born in the year of 1969
If i met Alex Ferguson, i’d ask him if it was a good year for wine
The year of concorde’s maiden flight
And man landing on the moon, one night
69 saw the launch of “The Sun” newspaper
And ever since, we’ve had Rupert Murdoch to suffer
And the year of 69 saw
The release of Pink Floyd’s album, “More”
I bet in the year of 69
All those hippies were having a great time
I was born in January 69 (Burn’s night)