War Orphans


I wonder, what becomes
Of all those war orphans
To lose both parents was their fate
Help must come before it’s too late
They’ve suffered so much don’t make them wait
For they have enough on their plate
War orphans, emotionally scarred by the battle
War orphans, they really need somewhere to settle
War orphans, they need shelter and peace of mind
War orphans, to them,we need to show kindness
War orphans we know all about your plight
War orphans, hope may be in sight
War orphans, a human tragedy
War orphans let’s ease their misery
For, reaching out to the traumatised and impoverished
Makes our priviliged society feel emotionally enriched
War orphans making the evening news
What happens to them when all hell breaks loose?
War orphans cry
War orphans try
to make sense of it all
Their situation, so awful
We must listen to the war orphans when they call out
Helping them through the pain barrier is what it’s all about
If the world, it assists them , then they must be in with a shout
But if the world ignores them, they’ll surely perish no doubt
Yes, what becomes
of the war orphans
once the t.v crews have left the scene
To forget the war orphans would be mean
War orphans
War orphans…..war orphans

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