A Boy’s fear


A boy aged 6 or 7
Has to see the dentist at 11
AS the time draws ever near
So he starts to fear
Fear the needle and the drill
He starts to sweat and feels ill
His face a picture of gloom
In the dentists waiting room
The dentist walks in “James Smith enter please”
James wants the racing thoughts to cease
He sits down in the dentist’s chair
He’s nervous, but the dentist seems not to care
He has an x=ray
it shows up as tooth decay
So a filling is necessary
James is anxious can’t help but worry
The needle is long and in it goes
Then the drill ,but James hears the song on the radio
He is relaxed and doesn’t notice the pain
And then the drill again and again
James bravery doesn’t go unnoticed
THen he’s reassured by the dentist
“You should be fine if you follow my advice”
“Brush your teeth every day, not once, but twice”
“And less sugar in your diet”
The boy leaves.He is so quiet
He returns home, his mouth still numb
By the way, South London’s where he’s from!the dentist

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