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Lovers Love Being In Love


No one loves being in love like lovers
Getting intimate under the covers
Tour the canals of Venice on a gondola
No one loves being in love like lovers
From the cafe’s of Paris, France
Kissing in the city of romance
to the elegant splendour
Holding hands in Vienna
No one loves being in love like lovers
Getting intimate under the covers
Walking through Rome in the moonlight
Some italian girl holding you tight
No one loves being in love like lovers
Getting intimate under the covers
Breakfast in bed the very next day
The night before he swept her away
No one loves being in love like lovers, it seems
He’s your ultimate romeo and she’s the stuff of dreams
A restaurant meal, champagne and flowers
Waltzing on a bridge in Prague ’til the early hours
No one loves being in love like lovers
I said, no one loves being in love like lovers


40 Winks


40 winks
I can’t sleep.I can’t sleep
I’ve tried counting sheep
Maybe i should give up caffeine for good
Or i could try moving to a quieter neighbourhood
Maybe i guess
i could try a softer mattress
Tossing and turning in my bed
I’d settle for a good night’s kip instead
I could focus on the day ahead methinks
If i could only get me 40 winks

Salvador Dali


Salvador Dali
I loved your imagery
The classic clocks melting on trees
No one captured fantasy
Quite like Salvador Dali
I simply adored your lobster on a telephone
As surrealist art goes it’s out on it’s own
And what about your ground breaking masterpiece “Elephants and Swans”
In a gallery i could happily get lost in your illusions
Salvador Dali i loved your skies
A wonderous feast for the eyes
Salvador Dali you had panache
I dug your handlebar moustache
Salvador, Salvador, Oh! Salvador
I would like to have gone on a tour….
of Spain with you
Taken in a cafe or 2
But you were already an old man when i was in my teens
So i’ll just have to make do with your splendid and beautiful scenes…..Adios Salvador

The Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle


sex pistols
The great rock ‘n’ roll swindle
Starring The Sex Pistols
Thrust into the limelight….and worshipped like gods
“The only notes we care about come in wads”
They weren’t the most talented band in history
They stuck 2 fingers up at authority
When Johnny Rotten sang “God Save The Queen”
They said these boys are sick and obscene
But they revolutionised the music scene
Malcolm mcClaren was no beginner
He knew he was on to a real winner
Sadly, Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen paid the ultimate price
The way their story ended wasn’t at all nice
But what about the great rock ‘n’ roll swindle
Those boys sure knew how to make a bundle
And ‘though they weren’t around that long
And you could hardly accuse them of writing classic songs
You’ve got to hand it to the audacious Sex Pistols
For they pulled off the scandalous, great rock ‘n’ roll swindle

The Cool Chick


You’re one cool chick
You’ve been to Uruguay.You’ve been to Rome
Gaugin prints adorn the walls of your home
You’re the best dressed girl i’ve ever seen
You’ve got charisma and you love Mister Bean
You can play jazz guitar and speakĀ  fluent japanese
You hang out with the Marylebone crowd when you please
You’re a cool chick
You like football
And that’s unusual….for a girl
You drive a Volkswagen Beetle
On the dance floor you have no equal
Your favourite 60’s song is “A Whiter Shade Of Pale”
You adopted a Bengal tiger and a whale
You’ve got a degree
in philosophy
And you love pot plants
Tell me babe am i in with a chance
Cause i’d love nothing better than a stab at romance……..With you, cause you’re a cool chick!