Monthly Archives: September 2014

East Side Burgers


eastside burgers
Eastside Burgers i doubt somehow, has a Michelin star
But i’ll bet they can identify with their regulars
With whom, snacking there, has become a nice routine
Eastside Burgers is not at all haute cuisine
Still, a “Veggie” burger joint in Paris is long overdue
So i’m heading on down to Eastside Burgers, how about you?


Hiltl In Zurich


Hiltl in Zurich is a fantastic place
Hiltl in Zurich.Come here and stuff your face!
Hiltl’s restaurant
got everything a “veggie” could want
At Hiltl they’ve got every type of cuisine
From local dishes to greek and spanish beans
Indian, french and Lebanese
At Hiltl they aim to please
Hiltl is an institution
Hiltl is a revelation
Hiltl, a place where diners thrive
How many stars would i give it? 5!

World Soccer


world soccer
“World Soccer”, you simply can’t beat it
The best football magazine on the planet
On a train ride from London to Manchester
I would pass the journey time by reading “World Soccer”
Then watch Man.United win
And get the train home again
With my “World Soccer” mag
Next to the programme in my shoulder bag
“World Soccer” your articles are amazing
On a sunday afternoon you may find me lazing
on my bed
Having just read
Your latest Libertadores cup feature
Or your profiles on the talent of the future
“World Soccer”,”World Soccer”
I willl always love yer!

The Drummer Man


I wonder, Cozy was there a rainbow in the sky
On the fateful day that you did die
“Dance With The Devil”,”Formula 1″, “Dartmoor”, “366 Squadron”
You achieved more with a drum kit than any man did with a gun
Now i’m wandering off into the mid afternoon sun
With a can of “Coke” and your c.d i bought for a fiver in Brighton
Cozy Powell R.I.P

The Senorita From Vallodolid


The senorita from Valladolid
She made my head turn, yes she did
She was so beautiful, like the spanish sun
I conversed with her Espanol.We had fun
Anna Maria danced the night away with her castanets
The next morning in her house she made me Spanish Omelette
I was surprised, for i thought she fancied the guitarist
But she said that my charisma, she couldn’t resist
We made love ’til late afternoon
And then watched “La Liga”
I didn’t want the day to end. And soon…
I’d have to start packing, i figure
for my early morning “Iberia” flight back to good ol’ “Blighty”
But 4 weeks later she was with me, emerging from my room in her nightie