Jane was convivial
And she started a revival
With her glam rock band
An audience of 100’s she’d command
Performances of Suzi Quatro, Bowie and Marc Bolan hits
Mud and Sweet too. I have to say I loved her to bits
I went to her first 3 live gigs
She dreamed of one day making it big
But she never got discovered
Still, I was proud to call her my lover
Jane,’though you never got a record label
I’ll love you for as long as i’m able
Although your band didn’t get as far
as you’d have liked, to me, you’re a star!
And here’s me, a struggling artist
Looking for my big break too
I used to be a dreamer, now a realist
A toast to me and you
A future based on friendship and trust
Not platform boots, glitter and stardust
Jane, you’ve got my head in a whirl
Could just be that you’re my dream girl

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