Everything Works In Fantasy


Everything works well in fantasy
Unlike tedious reality
Who needs reality game shows? Or the depressing news at 10
I’d love to lose myself in the Surrealist art world now and then
Superman can fly
What a great guy
And bullets bounce off of him
In fact nothing can kill Superman it seems
Won’t you lose yourself in the world of dreams
I fantasise all the time. It keeps me sane
When it’s freezing cold in London, i’m on a beach in Spain
In my head i’m a Euro Lottery winner
In reality i’m trying to save enough for dinner
Everything works in fantasy
So abandon reality
if you know what’s good or you
Don’t photograph monkeys in the zoo
Instead go roller skating with a Gnu
In my most decadent, hedonistic day dream
I’m swimming through a giant tub of Carte d’or ice cream
with David Beckham and Shakira
Forget snarl ups on the motorway.The fantasy world’s much nearer
And altogether much clearer
than a foggy day
trying to fight your way
passed people who drive better cars than you
So abandon reality-You know what to do
Forget that radio station tuned in to some boring debate
And live in Mister Bean’s world before it’s too late
The nightmare of reality why suffer your fate?
Everything works in fantasy
Now lead me to the “Magritte” gallery
Surrender to the world of escapism
So much more interesting than the gym
Fed up being pushed around every single day
I’m “Johnny Alpha-Strontium Dog” get out of my way!
Everything works in fantasy
Everything works in fantasy
No woman ever rejected me in my dreams
The fantasy world is exactly what it seems
And offers you a way out. A place to hide
So get in touch with your fantasy side
Everything works in fantasy
Remember that and you’ll feel free
Everything works in fantasy
You’ll realize that when you’re older
Everything works in fantasy
Reality is a broken down “Skoda”
Or a gas bill you just can’t pay
Everything works in fantasy.Try it for yourself today
John has a boring job as a Supermarket shelf stacker
But every day for a few minutes he’s a lion tamer
An Astronaut or Premiership footballer
It’s his coping mechanism
Surrender to the world of escapism
Everything works in fantasy
Reality is being bullied at school
Everyone telling you you’re worthless: a fool
Abandon reality.Don’t play by their rules
Everything works in fantasy
You’d better believe me
Everything works in fantasy
Everything works in fantasy…..

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