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The World Cup Final went to extra time
Germany won it with a goal quite sublime
Schurlle down the wing, Goetske in the centre
80 million germans celebrate…Wunderbar!
It’s carnival time in Rio
In bars there, gallons of german beer will flow
And back home in Hamburg, Munich and Berlin
Fans no doubt, will be dancing in fountains
Super Mario, the toast of Germany
To the capital, he should be given the key…….Wunderbar!

The Tasmanian Devil


the tasmanian devil



The Tasmanian Devil, The Tasmanian Devil

With his blood curdling scream and some what pungent smell

Approach the Tasmanian Devil with caution

For he’s not called the Tasmanian Devil without reason

Tasmanian Devil, your encounters with “Bugs Bunny”

I have to say were outrageously funny

Long live the Tasmanian Devil


One Of Those Days


car battery dead
Ever had one of those days when you wish you’d stayed in bed
You stepped in dog shit again and your car battery is dead
You’ll have to phone the “AA”
Yes, have you ever had one of those days
When the only mail you get is bills
The weatherman said sunny and you’re feeling a chill
Have you ever had one of those days….When it seems you’ve had your fill
You return home from the football match having seen your team lose 2 nil
The day ends with chronic backache
You cry out loud “For goodness sake!”
Yes,have you ever had one of those days!

Standing On The Edge Of The World


bjorks house

Standing on the edge of the world
photographin’ puffin with some pretty woman
is how i’d like to end my days
Iceland satisfies in so many ways
Officially the happiest place on earth once
Locals downing champagne in the bars,such affluence
Having a “Whale of a time” in Iceland
So much culture and the architecture ‘aint bland
Yes,Iceland ‘aint just a supermarket
Come here and enjoy the peace and quiet
Lapping up the atmosphere in bars in ReyKjavik
Or in Café Paris,enjoying a milkshake,thick
12 tonar: A c.d shop,eclectic
Yes it’s all happening in Reykjavik
You’d even tolerate Bjork’s songs in the bars there
For the chance to breathe in unpolluted air
And anyway i’m sure that Bjork’s music would grow on you
And you’d end up falling for the island of Volcanoes and Geysirs too
yes, you don’t have to be a “Mastermind”
To appreciate Magnus Magnusson’s kind
The waterfalls and the blue lagoon
Visit once…You’ll want to come back again soon
A country where everyone’s got a story to tell
And i’m sure that the locals are friendly as well
Yes,i’d love to go to Iceland
On the edge of the world i’d stand
With a “DK” guidebook in my right hand
And the chance to write great poetry,the scenery would command
Yes, Iceland is not just a supermarket
it’s a place of beauty and of peace and quiet…
by day,by contrast loud music in the clubs at night
Iceland i’m sure is a delight

Train Loving Man


I love trains…I come from a railway town
A Eurostar to Paris cheers me up when i’m down
Or a Virgin from Euston to Manchester
A video of train rides across Australia
that I would watch sometimes with my late father
I loved the commentary
exploring the history
Ironically, I never had a train set as a kid
Just a Scalextrix instead-Kept crashing,i did
And I dreamed of being a footballer
Not as you might imagine, a train driver
But I do love trains.Passionately,yes
“Murder On The Orient Express”…
is a movie
i’d most like to see
And as experiences go-For sheer romance
Not much would top a high speed train ride in France
Or a Bullet train in Japan
I am a train loving man
On short train rides I never ever sleep
For I would miss glancing out the window at the sheep
Yesiree, I am a train loving man
Of “Box Car Willie” I could easily become a fan
I love trains !