Maths ‘Aint Boring


Let's think
Julie, you’re a maths professor
I fell in love with you at one of your lectures
I excel at maths too
We make a good couple, me and you
We have such nice conversations
’bout algebra and quadratic equations
Cause maths ‘aint boring
I said maths ‘aint boring
You’re even more beautiful than Carol Vordermann
If I’m your “Superman” then you’re my “Wonderwoman”
Julie, the number I wanted
was your phone number and you obliged, I’m glad
Before you showed up on the scene
The boredom of my existence was driving me mad
Julie,oh Julie
you set me free
from a life of misery
Now Julie, won’t you
let me do something for you
I’d like to buy you a “Levi Strauss” jacket for Christmas
Cause Julie from Provence, you really are the business
Both of us believe that maths is fascinating
Julie, oh Julie, I spent my whole life waiting….for a girl like you

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