Born In The Year Of The Tiger


Anni was born in 1986. she lived in a shack
She had a tiger tattoo all the way down her back
When a boyfriend robbed her blind
Him, she set out to find
Vengeance, the only thing on her mind
She had a feeling, where she might find her ex-boyfriend, Li
So, on her brother Wan’s motorbike, she headed for the city
She went to a few of his favourite haunts
A couple of bars and a downtown restaurant
She approached a stranger, drinking a beer
She wasn’t worried, for he seemed sincere
“I’m looking for a man…
who goes by the name of Li Tan!”
He said “I know of Li”
“He lives upstairs at number 3”
Li was taking it easy
Drinking beer and watching t.v
He heard a noise–Anni had kicked down his front door
She stared at him “You robbed me Li, you’re gonna get yours!”
He threw a punch–But Boy! Her reactions were quick
She dodged the punch and countered with a kung fu kick!
Li, he was quite simply taken aback
with the speed and brutality of her attacks
But with menacing expression on his face
He had her confronted in a tight space
He was convinced he had her where he wanted her
But Anni….She was calm under pressure

He shoved her against a wall
But she kicked him in the testicles!
Which brought tears to his eyes
Next up, came the surprise
“Fist Of Fury” aimed at his head
He was dazed and disorientated
Now Li, he was as strong as an ox
But he took a few too many knocks…
Fell to the floor with a thud
His face covered in his own blood
Li, he was battered—But just about alive
Anni left before the police could arrive!


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