Germinal Beerschot


Germinal Beerschot, Why did you sell out and change your name?
to K.F.C Beerschot.’Though I’d visit your fine stadium all the same
You may never achieve a level of success or fame
But still,i wouldn’t mind taking in a home game
Make a routine stop
Purchase a shirt from your clubshop
to add to my collection
That’s 75 and countin’
Germinal Beerschot
I bet I’d love your mascot
Germinal Beerschot, Germinal Beerschot
I’m sure your fans are a devoted lot
Germinal Beerschot, we loyal fans follow
We don’t mind living in Royal Antwerp’s shadow
Or Anderlecht, Club Brugge, Standard Liege either
Relaxing after a 2 nil win with a beer
It would have to be “Stella Artois” of course
After a night game where you sung yourselves hoarse
K.F.C Beerschot you may now well be
But you’ll always be Germinal Beerschot to me!

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