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+Dedicated to all property developers

Got to win. Got to win
And I’ll tell you now, I’ll stop at nothin’
I’ll step on you
I’ll crush you
If you get in my way
So don’t get in my way
I’m goin’ to win.
I’m goin’ to win
By fair or foul means… I don’t care
Break all the rules… I don’t care
Knock down a block of flats
At the drop of a hat
Build a car park or drive–in “Wimpy”
Sit back and count all my money
I got to win
I got to win
Don’t care how I do it
As long as I make a profit
I’m a winner
A winner all the way…

Paris, J’Adore



Whether it’s enjoying a stroll through the 16th Arrondissement
Or relaxing in a Montmartre cafe with a bowl of potage oignon
Paris is simply magical
The last time I saw Paris it looked beautiful
Paris in the spring
Paris in full swing
A routine stop
At Serge Blanco’s clothes shop
Onward to Delacroix Musee
A photograph or two or three
Next morning a Patisserie
Croissant avec jam,herbal tea
Paris is a joy. Paris is easy
Jardin des Champs–Elysee’s
A Paris stroll
is good for the soul
And Le Metro
is not slow
Paris is a joy any time of year
Relax in a bar. Enjoy a French beer
Watching “Paris St. Germaine” or clay court tennis
Paris is an experience that really should not be missed
I wouldn’t even mind being by The Seine
if the sunshine gave way to heavy rain
Cause if you’re going to get
Absolutely soaking wet…
Then Paris is the place
Maintain that smiling face
Like Gene Kelly, you may even be singing in the rain
Paris has a kind of energy that I can’t explain
A kind of magnetic pull–You want to go there again
And at 68 quid off peak Eurostar, you can’t complain
Paris is so romantic
Revel in the Pantheon Bouddhique
And Paris’s irresistible charm
is best enjoyed with a mademoiselle on your arm
J’Adore Paris, J’Adore
Gallerie Lafayette Department store
J’Adore Paris, J’Adore
Who could ask for more?




Ferenc Puskas
And Ferencvaros
Who play in green and white
Budapest is a delight
The sports bar in Dahony utca…Where you can watch football ’til your heart’s content
The galleries of Nemezeti and Sepmuveseti…where time is well spent
So many good restaurants there
And mustn’t forget “Heroes Square”
Budapest, wonderful Budapest
Now the communist ghost is laid to rest
Buda and Pest a city of splendour
And the Blue Danube will take you to Vienna!

A Passion for Life



I once had a John Motson sheepskin jacket
It looked real good and didn’t cost a packet
And how about the beautiful game
Your talented left back, what’s his name?
And what about the boys from Brazil
Hard in the tackle and possess so much skill
Sheffield Wednesday have left the stadium. “So glad” you say
Who would want to go to Hillsborough to see them play?

The blistering free kick from Luis Figo
Old Trafford, Bernabeu and The San Siro
And when the season’s over and you’ve no place to go
Killing time in long bus queues
By keeping up to date with the transfer news
“Thanks for that information, mate”
“Even ‘though we don’t want him and it came too late”

The “Theatre Of Dreams”, the “Academy Of Football”
You know that your team has the best defensive wall
You know your sport’s so much better than cricket,
A level playing field not a sticky wicket,
and saving real hard for your season ticket…
Stomaching the awful football match grub
Chanting the name of your team’s supersub
David Fairclough, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
Following the team bus in your battered old car
Alan Green’s screaming commentaries
Your roving right winger aiming to please
35 shots on goal in one game
You know your life will never be the same
And if your team hits a slump, the chairman you can blame
But remember the golden rule, “It’s only a game!”

Elaine (The Office Cow!)



Elaine, Elaine, Elaine
Don’t break my heart again
Elaine, Elaine, Elaine
You caused me so much pain
You left me standing in the rain
Cause you stood me up again
Elaine, Elaine, Elaine
You’re like a drug…crack cocaine!
Elaine, Elaine, Elaine
I’d like to wash your lies down the drain
And start all over again
A rendezvous with lovely Jane
Who works in accounts
Elaine you were the office cow!
But I’m with Jane and happy now
And now I have my own personal photocopier machine
I don’t bump into you in the hallway, for you to cause a scene
Elaine, Elaine, Elaine
Such gutter language! Can you please refrain
As you see me walking arm in arm with Jane
Elaine, Elaine, Elaine
Jealousy got the better of you
Elaine, I can see right through you
Elaine, Elaine, Elaine
You were intoxication of the brain
Your kind of madness I can’t explain
But my new love is my true love and keeps me sane
Yes, as painful as it may seem to you
Jane is the one I now belong to
And it took me all of 10 minutes to get over you
Elaine, Elaine, Elaine
Don’t come round here again!
Elaine, your pleas are way too late
And what’s more you’re putting on weight
I couldn’t hate you anyhow
Even ‘though you were the office cow!

The House+



The house holds many memories for her
It’s where she first became a mother
The house was bought in the 50s
and was the answer to all their prayers
The children played in the garden
While their father did paintings upstairs
They spent hundreds of pounds doing up the place
But the house retained its charm and its grace
They were to grow old and die there
Buried in the garden somewhere
The house was knocked down and a hotel built there instead
But guests didn’t stay long as the place was haunted…
by the ghost of the house

+Written 10 years ago