Jim’s mother dropped him on his head as a baby
Which explains away Jim’s apparent madness, maybe
Jim lived all alone in a house on the M1!
To some, that’s dangerous. To Jim it was fun!
But Jim’s madness didn’t end there
He would go shopping in his underwear
And at night he’d climb into a freezing cold bath
And would go to work on the back of a giraffe
He worked in a bank and would give wads of cash away
His employment terminated after just a day
All sorts of crazy ideas swam around his head
One day, for a joke, he painted his torso bright red
Medication had little or no effect on him
For he was too far gone, was our Jim
But Jim was glad
that he was mad
For, he’d watch the news “If that’s reality!” he said
“I’d rather take my chances with my insanity instead!”
So there you have it, the story of Jim
In a way, it’s a shame there aren’t more like him
For, although he is an utter basket case
He makes the world a more colourful place!

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