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Untitled Poem



A strange kind of sickness has come over me
It must be…love
I feel sudden urges to write poetry
It must be…love
When she takes down her posters of Man.U
And replaces them all with photos of you
It must be…love
I’ve been seeing the world through rose-coloured glasses
Hardly noticing as another week passes
It must be…love
The other day I popped out and bought her flowers
Then we chatted on the telephone for hours
It must be…love
Friday, in the front row of the cinema
I grabbed her and started removing her bra
It must be lust!

Spread a Little Happiness



Spread a little happiness. Spread a little joy
Make this world a better place for every girl and boy
Rich man give some of your money away
Forget your needs. Do a good deed today
Tell a stranger a joke
Buy your best friend a “Coke”
Israeli soldier lay down your gun
and hug a Palestinian
If that dog annoys you don’t kick him in the head!
Pat him and throw him a bone instead
Cause a dog is man’s best friend
His loyalty knows no end

Spread a little happiness. Ease a lil pain
Give that girl your brolly in the pouring rain
Reach out to the sick. Reach out to the blind
The warmth you get back from them will blow your mind!
Spread a little happiness. Be man–kind
Spread a little happiness. Spread a little cheer
Gung hay fat choy or “Happy New Year”

Lady Luck



Lady Luck won’t you smile on me
I could use a change of fortune, see
Lady Luck smile on me, ‘cause I have been a good boy
Lady Luck send some good fortune for me to enjoy
Lady Luck won’t you smile on me
Lady Luck lay your style on me
Lady Luck roll your dice
2 sixes would be nice
On the Roulette wheel of life it would be nice if I could win
Lady Luck you can make nice things start happenin’…for me
All my life felt I was jinxed
But then I don’t know what Lady Luck thinks
Maybe she’s got somethin’ nice in store for me
Lady Luck won’t you smile down on me
Lady Luck won’t you smile on me
Lady Luck lay your style on me
Lady Luck won’t you smile on me
Lady Luck lay your style on me

Why Not? (Manhattan Carnival)



“Gloria”, “Walk In Love”, “Java Jive” and “Scotch and Soda”
Has there ever been a vocal group like The Manhattan Transfer?
“On A little Street In Singapore”
And the all time classic “Chanson D’amour”
“Another Night In Tunisia”
“Smile Again” and “Stomp Of King Porter”
“Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square”
“Don’t Let Go”, “Je Voulais Te Dire”
Fantastic songs
They linger long…in the memory
Their unique harmony
will entertain generations to come, like generations past
Cause one thing’s for sure quality always lasts
Long live The Manhattan Transfer!

The Girl Who Burns With Love



Her name
is Flame
In bed, she’s red hot
The charms she’s got
She burns with love–Don’t doubt her passion
You’ll find she warms up after a fashion
She’s red hot, like the Equator
To abandon her would devastate her
But she won’t be lonely for long
She’ll soon find a man to right her wrongs
You shouldn’t ever question her desire
She wants a man to extinguish her fire
The girl who burns with love
She knows love is a two-way street
not a cul-de-sac
If her, you were lucky enough to meet
you’d want her in the sack
and you’d feel like you won the lottery, Jack
Her name
is Flame
and she burns with love…

Cat Stuck Up a Tree


cat in tree

Cat stuck up a tree. Goes by the name of Marmalade
Cat stuck up a tree. Someone call the Fire Brigade
Cat stuck up a tree. Climbing up there was a whole lotta fun
’til he got stuck. Don’t worry kitty, soon have you down, son
For Marmalade, being the centre of attention was a blast
Now he’s back on terra firma. Head indoors for a bowl of milk, fast
Cat stuck up a tree
A front page story
in sleepy rural town rag
Cat stuck up a tree
for Marmalade, what a drag!

The Evil Clown



When the evil clown
hits your town…you just can’t wait
When the evil clown
hits your town…you celebrate
A chance to pig out. Eat huge burgers soaked in grease
Is it any wonder that a third of Americans are obese?
And now chronic obesity has spread to British shores
The evil clown and his nasty brand of cheap labour
And so harmful for the environment
That this clown’s so popular is a big disappointment
Ronald Macdonald, don’t wanna see your happy, smiley face
Ronald Macdonald you are an absolute fucking disgrace!