The Brainy Chick



You’ve read Alexander Dumas
And you’ve been to The Sorbonne
I have to say brainy chicks
don’t usually turn me on
But there’s something about you
Can’t get you out of my head
You’ve never given me reason to doubt you
And I’d like you in my bed
You can speak 7 different languages, including Cantonese
You’re a high powered lawyer representing refugees
Now, I know our half-baked immigration policy is a mess
But to be honest babe, I like you best when you’re under duress
It brings out the best in you
You’re looking to release all that nervous tension
Come back to my place is my suggestion
I’ll put a Motown record on
Heavy Metal or Elton John
You’re such a brainy chick…’Fraid i can’t compete
I need to win a “Scrabble” league….Cause you got me beat
Then before I know it, I’ll be on “Easy Street”
French girl, Oh! French girl, you’ve made my life complete
As Deborah Harry would say
How about some French kissing in the U.K
OK, she actually said the U.S.A
But I don’t live in Boston…And poetic license goes a long way


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