Little Boy in the Candy Store



A little boy in the candy store
Chocolate, sweets and lollipops galore
They also sell
biscuits as well
Bourbons, Garibaldi and Custard Creams
This place is a virtual palace of dreams
The white mice
looked so nice
The licorice
on the dish
Then there’s the fizzy Cola bottles and Smarties
Alas, the boy has only got a few pennies
But the kindly shopkeeper puts him at ease
“You can have an assortment for 20p!”
“And I’ll throw in a biscuit too”
“Which one, is up to you”
“And remember to tell your friends where my shop is”
“Cause you need all the help you can get, when you’re in business”
The little boy left straight away
And brought 3 of his pals ’round the next day

+ Set in the 70s


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