The Laudrups



The Laudrup brothers, Brian and Michael
Were truly blessed with such skill
They excited football fans everywhere
Yes, Brian and Michael were quite a pair
Now they’ve both hung up their boots
Michael, the elder brother wearing sharp suits
As he sits in the dug out at Swansea games
Brian enjoys life out of the spotlight, all the same
Yes, when they were playing they were household names
And they seemed to handle really well, the fame…
that comes with being football stars, it seems
Their careers were nothing short of the stuff of dreams
Playing for big clubs in front of huge stadiums
But they didn’t let the pressure get to them
They scored lots of goals and created lots for others
Brian and Michael, two extremely talented brothers
Their parents must be so proud of them…I’m sure
Their collection of winner’s medals to show the neighbours
An inspiration to kids kicking a ball around Copenhagen parks
That they may well one day be playing for Europe’s elite clubs and Denmark!

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