Katarina Witt



Katarina Witt
Boy! she is fit
Katarina Witt was perfection on ice
Katarina Witt a date with you would be so nice
Katarina Witt, Katarina Witt,you are mighty fine
I wouldn’t dream of insulting you with less than a 5.9
I bet you kiss as well as you skate
Sensuality, you radiate
Katerina Witt, if only you were mine
’cause I do have a weakness for frauleins
Katarina Witt i bet you love fussball
I’d love to join you in a West Berlin shopping mall
We could scoff “Ben and Jerry’s” ice cream
Katarina Witt you came to me in a dream
Katarina Witt you move with the grace of a swan
Katarina Witt I bet you’re a whole lotta fun
Katarina Witt I once leapt to your defence
A strongly worded letter to the German government
after reading about your plight
In The Daily Mirror one night
Katarina Witt I wonder do you live for heavy metal
Katarina Witt on satin sheets and a carpet of crushed flower petals
Katarina Witt
now the sun has set
on your glittering career
Katarina Witt
charm: You’ve bags of it
In Potsdam Platz downin’ a beer
Katarina Witt you’re my fantasy woman
draped in the German flag
If I could spend an hour with you I’d tell you all my very best gags
I’d make you laugh out loud
and you would make me proud
Katarina Witt….Boy! She’s fit

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