The Truck Driver and the Serial Killer



The truck driver
picked up a hitchiker
on the way to Amsterdam
A manic smile “Hi! My name’s Sam”
“Nice to meet you, my name’s Dave”
“I see, tell me are you brave?”
Dave pondered “Strange question”
“I’ve got the courage of a lion”
Dave took 2 manly chunks out of his “Yorkie” bar
Then parked his truck…
at a service station next to 2 police cars
Sam cursed his bad luck
An unhealthy fry up and a mug of black coffee for Dave
A passing stare at the 2 coppers there…with his mad eyes, Sam gave
If you like suspense
Dave went to the Gents
after reading “The Sun” newspaper
Sam followed him 10 seconds later
While Dave was having a quick piss
Sam saw no better chance than this
He slowly reached for a knife in his pocket
He’d already checked out the cafe’s possible exits
But Dave had one eye on the toilet mirror
As Sam crept up behind him real sinister
Dave turned round in a flash and punched Sam in the jaw
Now he’s lying bleeding all over the toilet floor
And the 2 coppers needed a piss as well
So now Sam’s doing life in a Hull Prison cell.

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