Monkey Business



I love monkeys, gorillas too
I wouldn’t want to see them in a zoo
They belong in the wild
I’ve loved them since I was a child
I love the Rhesus Monkey
He’s really funky
and the baboons with their bright red buttocks!
When I first went to Longleat I couldn’t believe my luck
and to go to The Rock Of Gibraltar would be a dream
Watch the naughty monkeys steal some tourists ice cream
Or their “Rolex”
Whatever next?
Expensive tastes these monkeys have got
“Bedtime For Bonzo’s” a great film I kid you not
And all the other primate movies
I tell you, monkeys and apes are groovy
Monkeys create art don’t you know
and swing through the trees in Borneo
“You insulted my pet chimp – where are your manners!?”
“I’ve only got one thing to say to you – bananas!”
Then there’s the cult classic TV show: Monkey
that me and my brother Paul enjoyed in the 80s
Of course, monkey is my Chinese star sign
and any orang-u-tan is a friend of mine!
Not to mention gibbons as well
As for gorillas, they are swell
With our primate friends, the fun it seems never does cease
and as some know only too well – If you pay peanuts…..You get monkeys!


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