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James Bond’s Cars


bond cars

James Bond’s cars are fast and jam packed full of fancy gadgets
“Aston Martin” or souped up “B.M.W”. The invisible car was the best yet
The one that Pierce Brosnan drove in “Die Another Day”
If I owned a James Bond car-The baddies better get out of my way
The James Bond cars are driven through exotic locations as well
The James Bond cars would showcase any garage-They are swell!
The James Bond cars-They are an institution
and you cannot underestimate their own contribution…
to modern cinema
James Bond, you are a star
But where would you be without your car?
Lost, like Churchill minus his cigar
For, with James Bond, you associate
State-of-the-art cars that are simply great
For the next James Bond movie, I can’t wait
If I were lucky enough to go on a date…
with a “Bond Girl”, I’d turn up in a James Bond car
But, dreaming only gets you so far
James Bond’s cars belong in a museum
James Bond’s cars…You’ve just got to see ’em
James Bond’s cars
James Bond’s cars….

None for the Road


drunk driving

Drunk drivers, they make me sick!
I’d come down on them like a ton of bricks…
if I was a judge
No, I wouldn’t budge
Drink driving is careless
Drink driving is reckless
Drunk drivers kill innocent motorists
They deserve more than just a slap on the wrist!
A long prison sentence
is all that makes absolute sense…

My Favourite Pastime


french cafeSitting outside a cafe in Montmartre
But it could be Pimlico…It could be anywhere
I’m watching the world go by
Opposite my table are a young couple sitting
Him, like me, observing. She’s painting a picture
2 American tourists walk by
with big cameras and even bigger stomachs!
A sparrow hops onto my table
Maybe he fancies my “Coca Cola” or onion soup
Or perhaps not …Soon he flies off
Unlike that sparrow, I’m determined to linger

Waking Up in Boston



Waking up in Boston must be great
Watching the sunrise over Massachusetts state
Leave the hotel and head for a gallery
I’m sure in Boston there’s much to see
and much to do
Waking up in Boston, watch TV – Then have a relaxing shower
Waking up in Boston – I’m loving it more and more with each passing hour
“Breakfast In America” was a “Supertramp” song
If I told you waking up in Boston’s fun…I wouldn’t be wrong
Lots of great shops to explore
and a large selection of restaurants, I’m sure
The classic sitcom “Cheers”
was filmed here
Waking up in Boston’s something I intend to do one day
Photograph the stadium where The Boston Celtics play
Waking up in Boston would be a refreshing change
Some people like waking up in the East End…But i think they’re rather strange!
A change of scenery…New England style
Waking up in Boston with a broad smile
Waking up in Boston, admiring the view out of my hotel window
Waking up in Boston. Summer would be a great time to go
Waking up in Boston, visit Harvard University
Waking up in Boston. Hard not to fall in love with this city
Waking up in Boston…Waking up in Boston

Kavanagh Q.C.



If I was prosecuting or indeed defending
and I saw Kavanagh Q.C. in front of me
He wouldn’t have to do or say anything
His sheer presence would terrify me
This northern pitbull
of a lawyer has got it all
But he’s got a compassionate side, has Kavanagh Q.C.
And he’s simply adored by his colleagues and his family
The court is his arena – Scene of many a great victory
Played so well by the late John Thaw – Three cheers for Kavanagh Q.C.!




Homer Simpson’s a lazy slob!
He’s got a really cushy job
Eating doughnuts in a Nuclear Power Plant
And go a day without drinking beer! He simply can’t
I’ve seen him in his underpants…It’s not a pretty sight!
if you ever get the chance, I urge you to watch him one night
performing on a DVD box set
You’ll certainly have no regrets
In fact it could be the best 10 quid you’ve spent yet
Listen, as he slanders
poor Ned Flanders
Or watch him torment Bart
then make amends – He’s all heart
Witness this clumsy oaf step on the family cat
There’s only one Homer Simpson! We’re all glad about that!

Tally Ho!

“Tally Ho! Release the hounds!”
“We’ll run that innocent fox into the ground!”
“and laugh as they tear him to pieces”
Their sheer wickedness never ceases…
to amaze the proletariat
They are a bunch of upper-class prats!
And what’s more
they’re breaking the law
Not that the law really minds
At worst they’ll escape with a small fine
Then after the hunt a bottle of fine wine
Yours is quite a heinous crime
“Let’s meet up same place, next time for more of the same!”
To these sick individuals it’s all just a game
If they weren’t hunting foxes…They’d be shooting pheasants
Anything it seems, to wind up the peasants
The wickedness of rural folk it never fails…
to amaze me…They all belong in jail!