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Bono’s Hats



Bono’s hats are a cause for concern
Bono’s hats: when will he ever learn?
Bono is a hero…He deserves his place in Rock ‘N’ Roll’s Hall of Fame
But I’m afraid that Bono is a fashion disaster, all the same
Bono is a  clever man, but when he’s photographed in his hats
He always ends up looking a bit of a prat!
Bono was behind great songs like “Party Girl” and “One”, but I fear…
that when he’s dead he’ll be remembered for his awful choice of headgear!

Brighton and Hove



A visit to Brighton and Hove
is like stumbling across a treasure trove
From the cinema on the beachfront-to the wonderful shops in the “Lanes”
If you go to Brighton once you’ll want to go there again
A thriving gay/bisexual scene too
So much to see there and do
It’s really nice to go there when it’s sunny
‘Though heed this warning, you’ll need lots of spending money
Yes, Brighton’s not cheap, but it is great
For my next train ride there…I just can’t wait
Brighton and Hove, Brighton and Hove
like stumbling across a treaure trove…

Julie in Frisco



Julie really loved living in San Francisco
She worked at the “Buddhist Cinema” in “Castro”
She had a hot Mexican lesbian lover
who was simply amazing under the covers
They had a well stocked up fridge
Czech beer…and they dug the Golden Gate bridge
But one fateful day her Mexican lover
was diagnosed with breast cancer
For her girlfriend, the end came soon
She died one afternoon
the following summer
Now, Julie’s all alone, what a bummer!
Fortunately Julie found true love again
with a Chinese woman she met at a market in the rain
They would spend many a day listening to Jazz
would hold hands on cable cars and snog at “Alcatraz”
For a year Julie’s life was crappy
But now, yet again she’s happy
living in ‘Frisco
Going to gay discos…with her gal

Face the Facts



Venezuela has won “Miss World” more times than any other nation
Yet another fascinating snippet of information
The F.A Cup has only once left England
When Cardiff beat Arsenal in “27”
Monopoly was invented by a radiator salesman
Whilst whiling away his days in an American prison.

As wonderful as these facts are, all the same….

Life is more than just a “Trivial Pursuit” game.


The 16th



Paris’s 16th Arrondissement
is expensive-but no disappointment
Yes, the 16th Arrondissement is simply amazing
Amidst the grim reality of London’s East End, I find myself craving…
this corner of France’s capital…par excellence!
The allure of this fine district’s not lost its significance…on me
From “Roland Garros” in Avenue “Gordon Bennet”
to “Fondation Le Corbusier”- who could forget…The 16th Arrondissement
and what about Le Musee Paul Belmondo
The Bois Du Boulogne, best enjoyed walking slow
Back home in Tower Hamlets, things seem bleak
If I could, I would go to Paris next week
and check out the 16th Arrondissement again
A change of scenery is a great way to relieve the pain…
felt inside this hollow shell
Sometimes the East End feels like Hell
I know where I’d love to be right now
find the money to return there somehow

The 16th Arrondissement…I’m already captivated
If I could never go there again, I’d be totally devestated
But that’s unlikely, I have to say
Safe in the knowledge I’ll find my way…
back there someday
The 16th Arrondissement
is expensive, but no disappointment
In fact, it’s quite a revelation
I’d go as far as to say, a sensation
The 16th Arrondissement
The 16th Arrondissement
If you’re looking for a source of inspiration
This corner of Paris in France’s fine nation
The 16th Arrondissement
The 16th Arrondissement…

The King of Romance



The King of Romance
Didn’t need a second chance
The King of Romance
He asked her to dance…with him
He knew all the moves, Boy he was good
and he knew just how to orchestrate the mood
He gave her chocolates and flowers
The King of Romance…charm is his power
The King of Romance doesn’t need to hide
The King of Romance appeals to her better side
The King of Romance swept her off her feet
Now they’re happily married-her life is complete!

Saxony’s Jewel



From the classical attraction of the Bach museum
to the splendidly named locomotive stadium
Leipzig has much to offer the tourist
The museum of fine arts is hard to resist
Or if you’re in need of retail therapy
head to Madler passage…then a coffee
The Grassi museum complex
is the place to head for next
Then you can unwind in “Chaplin’s” bar
where your Euros will take you far
Rising above a canopy of trees
The Rosenthal Tower aims to please
Leipzig is lovely
The heartbeat of Saxony
and the jewel in its crown
The Old Stock Exchange – The Museum Of Egyptology
Lovely Leipzig…The heartbeat of Saxony
and the jewel in its crown
I’m sure a glass of ”Gose” beer
is reason enough for cheer
Leipzig is lovely
The heartbeat of Saxony
and the jewel in its crown
A visit to the Gohlis Palace
Is a chance you simply cannot miss
Leipzig is lovely
The heartbeat of Saxony
and the jewel in its crown…

Art is the New Rock ‘n’ Roll



From Pollock, to Lichenstein, to Warhol
Art is the new rock ‘n’ roll
From Beryl Cook to Bridget Riley
So get yourself along to a gallery
”Banksy” is the new Gene Vincent
Art is now, It’s never been more relevant
Art is the new rock ‘n’ roll
Art is magic. It’s good for the soul
From Bauhaus to Dadaism
Cubism and Surrealism
Pound for pound our old friend Pablo Picasso
was just as influential as Hendrix, don’t you know
Art my friend, is the new rock ‘n’ roll
Art is brilliant. It’s good for the soul
From comic strip art
to urban graffiti
Art is where it’s at
Enjoy it in a gallery
Art is the new rock ‘n’ roll
Art is magic. It’s good for the soul
Art is the new rock ‘n’ roll
Art is the new rock ‘n’ roll…

The Evil Priest



In the 17th century in old town Talinn
A drunk priest called Panicke at a local inn
announced to the waitress ”This simply won’t do!”
”This omelette’s as hard as the sole of my shoe”
Upon being served two more horrendous omelettes
He grabbed an axe and slaughtered the waitress
But this thoroughly evil priest
got his just deserts, to say the least
They hung him in the town square
So take it out on waitresses if you dare!




To tell you the truth
I feel sorry  for Ruth
The last woman
to be hanged in Britain
Ruth Ellis, you made history
‘Though not the way you would have wanted it to be
As for the cursed death penalty…it is no more
‘Though scant consolation for your family and friends I’m sure
Ruth Ellis was a martyr
in a world full of them