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Roman Polanski is not a hero, but a villain
Roman Polanski should be in prison
I don’t care how many awards his films have won
Roman Polanski is a wicked person…
He’s banned from entering America
They’ve made it perfectly clear
That they don’t want his sort there
and who can blame them?

Paul Scholes


Paul Scholes, Paul Scholes
Scorer of great goals…
Yet another 20 yard volley
Can pass a ball with such accuracy
Paul Scholes plays football with such finesse
His admirers are the likes of Xavi, no less
Shame, he can’t tackle…
But then, Bob Dylan can’t sing!



Johnny Hallyday, Johnny Hallyday
Your surname sounds like a holiday
But I doubt very much that your life has always been a picnic
Balancing 2 careers as a singer and film star is a pretty neat trick
Johnny Hallyday: You were great in “The Man On The Train”
You deserve your place in rock ‘n’ roll’s hall of fame
You are an inspiration
A credit to your nation
Johnny Hallyday, Johnny Hallyday
Some would say you’ve had your day
But they would be oh so wrong
for you still breathe new life into classic songs
I’m sure you’ll go down a storm at The Royal Albert Hall
For let it not be said that you never gave it your all
Johnny Hallyday, Johnny Hallyday
Maybe one day they’ll write a play…about you
To be shown in London’s West End or on Broadway
The one and only Johnny Hallyday
A survivor to this very day
Johnny Hallyday, Johnny Hallyday…

The Girls in Paris


I recall the first time I went to Paris
with the French girls, I wanted to steal a kiss
I love the sexy French girls…so much style
I love the French girls and you always get a smile
It makes the journey from “King’s Cross” worthwhile
Not that Paris is at all boring…
with its great restaurants and galleries
But without the French girls, it would be nothing
and the madameoiselles always aim to please

The madame who served “Mr Bean” coffee
on “Eurostar” blew me away
And when I saw Emma De Caunes in her green “Mac”
in Paris, I was simply taken aback

I knew a Parisian woman in London…her name was Christine
She was almost as stunning as the girl in the red coat and ripped jeans…
I photographed outside “Gare Du Nord”…
Her and her blonde friend, they’d stop me getting bored!
I’m not saying Paris is boring
with its abundance of CD and bookshops
But without the French girls, it would be nothing
They’re the ones that always make my heart stop
for a moment at least…

As for the two French girls I photographed outside “Gare Du Nord”
The blonde was nice ….and her friend I couldn’t have ignored
She was beautiful and a “fashion icon”
Those French girls really turn me on
“Jardin Du Luxembourg” and “Roland Garros”
are great…but without the French girls, I’d be at a loss!
You meet them at “The Arc Du Triomphe” and “The Eiffel Tower”
If you meet the sexy French girl…buy her chocolate and flowers
Express yourself in French too
and she might just go to bed with you
and make all of your dreams come true
The girls in Paris
The girls in Paris
wouldn’t go amiss
in any beauty contest
The girls in Paris
The girls in Paris…