Monthly Archives: October 2012

Revenge is Sweet


Herbert was a duck
just like any other duck
‘though made of stronger stuff if the truth be told
Herbert was brave. Herbert was bold
One day he left the pond, headed for the wood
waddling as fast as his little legs could
He was met by a hunter with a gun
who fired shots at Herbie one by one
But Herbie was equipped with explosives
Blew the fat wanker to pieces!



I hate Peckham and Peckham hates me
Cause I’m always slagging it off you see
The whole place is a picture of misery
oh, how I yearn to one day be free
of this south London hell…
Take me back to the streets I know well…
in Weston-Super-Mare
or I’ll top myself, I swear
Cause I really couldn’t care
It’s like some Freddy Kreuger nightmare!

Che Guevara’s Legacy


A youthful Che Guevara
traveled across South America…
on an “Edward Norton” motorbike, that kept breaking down
He learnt how to tango in some pretty little town
and worked as a doctor at a leper colony
But he’s best remembered as a revolutionary
Sometimes, it’s not what we do, but what we are
That makes people propel us to the status …of star!
Only legends make it on to t-shirts
to be sold in market stalls
A new generation of Che converts
emblematic of it all

Che Guevara’s legacy has never seemed more real
Che Guevara’s legacy – the DVDs reveal…
all you need to know
about a hero

Che Guevara’s legacy…
is all we need to set us free
Che, you didn’t die in vain
like other martyrs, we feel your pain
From Havana to Argentina
graffiti artists just couldn’t resist
spraying your image on walls …to
show their undying love for you
Intellectuals from Dublin
to rock stars in Berlin
keep your memory alive
But Che Guevara’s legacy
is not one of poignancy
for, ‘though he died young
from his heart, he sung….of defiance
From struggle and adversity
comes Che Guevara’s legacy
there for everyone to seeChe Guevara’s legacy
is important, you see
cause there’s more to the “Americas”
than coffee and bananas
Che Guevara, rest in peace…

Gilbert and George


A splash of paint here. A splash of paint there
some excrement as well. We don’t care
We’re crude
We’re rude
We’re the art rebels in suits…who vote Tory
But that’s another story
We are Gilbert and George…In your face
We are G and G. Now is the time and the place
for us to make our mark in the art world
Yes, we’ve made our mark in the art world
Gilbert and George signing off
If you don’t like what we do…tough!

Paris’s Gem


If you’re in Paris, you ought a
visit the Latin Quarter
It’s a truly wonderful place
will put a smile on your face
The beauty of the architecture will make your jaw drop
and you can have a great time in “Croco Disc” CD shop
This district is so photogenic
and so utterly magic-al
I’m sure it won’t be too long
before I’m back there singing your song
A feast for your eyes
A place to romanticise…over
is the Latin Quarter