And God Created Woman


And God created woman
It would be a boring world without them
Although it would be a lot quieter
and what about Bardot on the Cote d’Azur
Brigitte Bardot, you sure are swell
The ultimate femme fatale
You took Roger Vadim, Serge Gainsbourg and Sacha Distel as your lovers
Brigitte Bardot, I bet you were sensational under the covers

You broke down at the trial of a notorious vivisectionist
I see you as an animal rights revolutionary with clenched fist
But I see you as so much more
The stunning “babe” we all grew to adore
So who is the next Bardot?
Ludivine Sagnier, I don’t know
But one thing that I know for sure
With French actresses, life’s never a bore
These silver screen beauties leave you coming back for more
The formula works…they are a box office draw

So who is the next Bardot?
Could it be Sophie Marceau?
She was sizzling in “The World Is Not Enough”
‘Though replacing Brigitte Bardot could be tough
Maybe there’ll never be another Bardot.

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