If there’s one movie hero I’d like to be
It’s not John Wayne or Chaplin, it’s Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee made things happen
He was great in “Enter The Dragon”
The dynamic Bruce Lee
thwarting all the baddies
Bruce Lee really craved the excitement of battle
and I’ll bet he enjoyed livin’ in Seattle
Yes, if I had my way
I’d be Bruce Lee, if only for a day
and no one better pick a fight with me
cause I’m the ultimate fighting machine: Bruce Lee
There are many imitators, see
But there’s only ever one Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee, Bruce Lee, Bruce Lee
Has left his mark in history
“Water can flow or it can crash, be water, my friend”
In ’73 your story did come to an end
But you live on in our minds and our hearts, like all legends
If I was Bruce Lee I would fear no one…

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