The Rainbow Race


The Rainbow Race paradin’ the Rainbow flag
Mustachioed leather clad guys to ones in drag
From the extremes of the “Lipstick dykes”
to the tattooed lesbians  on motorbikes
takin’ their place in the Rainbow Race
fightin’ injustice in every place
some have died for the cause
but we won’t go away. You can’t ignore us
From San Francisco to Brighton and Sydney
We are the Rainbow Race and we want equality

Homophobes make it their business what we get up to in bed
and governments everywhere should grant us the right to wed
Paradin’ the Rainbow flag, the Rainbow Race
fightin’ discrimination in the workplace
From “Torch Song Trilogy”
to religious bigotry
What does the future hold? Will we still live in fear…
of violent attacks or is acceptance near?

Mr. Policeman why is it that you are always on my case?
Is it just because I’m a member of the Rainbow Race?
Hail, the victories of Harvey Milk
and I for one, am of that ilk
I am a bisexual man, take my place
a fully paid up member of the Rainbow Race.

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