If Only The Whole World Were a Jazz Club


Copyright to arthansen.com

If only the whole world were like “Ronnie Scott’s”
No muggers, no burglars, no murderous plots
No hollerin’, no abuse, no violent crime
Just people havin’ a whale of a time
If only the world were like a jazz bar in Chicago
No one robbin’ banks and drivin’ off with the “Dough”
Cause if you ain’t already realized
that jazz and jazz clubs are civilized
and classless as well
then you need to get real

If only the whole world were a Duke Ellington tune
would we have felt the need to send a man to the moon
Cause jazz is progress, jazz is swell
The whole thing is so pleasant as well

And if you were listenin’ to Sacha Distel’s jazz guitar…
on the stereo, you wouldn’t be tempted to go too fast in your car
causin’ a fatal accident
You see, jazz is important
It seems to calm people down
It should be heard right across town

Of Michel Le Grand’s
Jazz piano, I’m fond
You can whisk me “Miles Away”
with Mr. Davis or Count Basie
If only the whole world were a jazz club in New York
Get people to communicate – get people to talk
We could bring whole communities together
and we wouldn’t need relationship counsellors
cause this social setting
is the very best we’re getting.

Like the broccoli on my plate
I discovered jazz quite late
and like broccoli
Jazz is so healthy
I’m sure we could solve a lot of the world’s problems
If we could bring world leaders to the table in a jazz forum
If only the whole world were a jazz venue
all the sortin’ out we could do
Long Live Jazz! And Bossa Nova, too!..

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