Brilliant is a World with ABBA in


“Sitting in a palm tree” in my “Tropical Loveland”
Just you and me listening to some “Rock ‘n’ Roll Band”
on our medium wave radio, yes…
Then on very high frequency, “S.O.S”
She said to me “Honey, Honey”
Let me help you spend your “Money, Money, Money”
What about “The King Kong Song”
a classic, but just 3 minutes long
“Another Town, Another Train”
“Knowing Me, Knowing You” we can deal with the pain
“Ring, Ring” the telephone rang
“Does Your Mother Know” Bjorn sang
You’re not a has-been
You’re a “Dancing Queen”
“Voulez-Vous” “Voulez-Vous”
“Finally facin’ my Waterloo”
“Lovers Live a little longer”
with their “Kisses Of Fire”
“and you’re only smilin’
when you play your violin…
your darlin’ fiddle”
“Hey, Hey Helen” You’d better “Watch Out”
ABBA were one of the best bands ever without a doubt

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