The Pride of West Africa – His Name, Roger Milla


Photo from

The Lions of Cameroon
Beamed into our living rooms
During the ’82 and ’90 World Cups
I loved Roger’s sensational goal celebrations
His exploits, like Oman Biyik’s, engulfed the nation
I have to say, though
not quite as brilliant as Samuel Eto’o
But what nearly every football fan wants to know:
Just how old is Roger Milla?

To see him on retro T-shirts would be nice
Or posters, a “Roaring Trade In Merchandise”
Re-inventing himself wouldn’t come at all too late
and we’d all love a signed copy of his birth certificate
Roger Milla, Roger Milla, what a man
Even more influential,than Asamoah Gyan!…

The Pride Of West Africa
His name is Roger Milla…
But exactly how old is he?
It remains a mystery.

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